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  • Supporting Refuge infrastructure maintenance with fundraising efforts and participation in clean-up and repair activities


Rather than offer occasional opportunities to experience nature on the Refuge, we have developed a schedule of activities that offers monthly opportunities to learn about nature and engage in activities at the Refuge.  Many of our efforts are conducted in partnership with other groups (e.g. City of Arvada, Majestic View Nature Center, Standley Lake and Arvada Libraries,  and the Butterfly Pavilion), and are closely coordinated with the Two Ponds Refuge Manager.  Due to staffing and funding shortages at our national wildlife refuges, an increasingly important role of Friends groups is to secure external funding, and develop sustainable programs in partnership with other community organizations.

To achieve our mission our efforts are organized around sustainable programs that will lead to more partnerships in the community.  These programs focus on:


  • Conservation of Refuge wildlife through habitat improvements

  • Monitoring and protection of wildlife populations on the Refuge

  • Increasing public awareness of the Refuge and the national wildlife refuge system 

  • Expanding neighborhood outreach to include under-served populations in Arvada and other areas within Jefferson County

  • Engaging the public in Refuge events, volunteer opportunities, and service projects

  • Supporting existing Refuge events and enhancing the number and type of other events that occur at the Refuge by identifying new user groups, identifying experts to lead these events, and forming partnerships with other organizations with similar missions

Detailed Program Information

Restore and Enhance Native Habitats

Kelly Grummons, an accomplished and well-known horticulturist in Colorado and neighboring states, volunteers as an advisor to the Habitat/Wildlife Program of Founders and Friends, sharing his expertise and providing guidance on habitat improvement for the benefit of wildlife. 

Wildlife:  Monitor/Protect and Experience/Learn

Doug Shoffner, an experienced birder and member of the Denver Field Ornithologists, volunteers for Founders and Friends as coordinator of our Birding Program which promotes birding opportunities at Two Ponds and surrounding areas.  Working in partnership with other groups, he provides information, organizes birding events, and encourages participation in established programs. 

Promote Awareness and Appreciation of the National Wildlife Refuge System

Linda Curran, a Board member of Founders & Friends, serves as Director of Community Outreach, working to engage a diverse population and build stronger connections to nature within our community.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Events and Projects

Janet Torma-Krajewski and David Jamiel, board members of Founders & Friends of Two Ponds NWR, work closely with the Refuge Manager of Two Ponds NWR to support common goals for environmental education and wildlife conservation through cooperative efforts.  For more information about USFWS activities, contact the Refuge Manager at 303-289-0867.

For more information about USFWS activities, contact the Refuge Manager at 303-289-0867.


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